About Neal and the idea of a gay /gay friendly building company.

Neal has been in the building industry since his early twenties and over the years worked for many gay and lesbian couples as well as single gay, bi and lesbian people.

Neal (Pink Builders) does of course complete works for straight couples, companies, commercial enterprises and insurance companies but early in his career he realized some of the problems faced by gay people when having trades in there home.

Just by chance Neal advertised on a few gay web sites and papers and was amazed at the response.

Working for the one of his first gay clients in London he was told of some pretty horrible stories that this Dr Client had had years before when having an extension built.

The story went on telling of nasty comments by laborers behind the clients back each time he came home from a long days work. Feeling the need to hide pictures, calendars and all that sort of thing. Not pleasant!

Homosexual jokes whispered under the breath.

Finding that his private rooms had been entered, pictures and films looked at. It was generally an unpleasant time and this client vowed never to have another builder in his home even though the contract in the early 80’s was over £70,000.00

Then on the dreaded Saturday mornings when the Dr was at home came the wolf whistles aimed at girls in the street, bad language and all that unfortunately is expected from the so called professional builders.

Not all are like that we know but experience from many gay couples, single mums, widows tell the same story.


Then came along Neal and his team…

The team don’t have to be and are not necessarily gay but working for Neal who is openly gay they know how to behave and always do to the point that Neal and the team have made good long standing friendships with some clients and have been to civil services, parties all sorts of events by the clients. Even been a godparent to one.

The boys are all lovely guys.

They will chat and have a laugh with anyone but do not have the need to bring up sexuality, why would they?


Pink B does not arrive at the door in a pink truck or walk in with a swing on the hip…

The neighbors would never now Neal was gay. They would see a smart, pleasant and helpful building company turns up and cooperates with neighbors at all times.

The company is not solely aimed at the gay community nor would neighbors think any different other than a well turned out firm.


Going back to Neal for a minute…

Neal and his partner Neil now live in a 16th century inn/cottage close to the M4 between Cardiff and Swansea.

Both hard working and enjoying the local pub, there dogs and chickens. The neighbors often commented on the goats on the roof but that’s another story.

Again they invited to lost of the local events, sing in a choir and enjoy the friends and neighbors kids playing in the garden. Open house would not describe it well enough.


The business of Pink Builders

 Sexuality is not our selling point. A good service, quality work, sensitivity, politeness and going the extra mile to assist clients is what we are about.

We won’t just do a rough quote and put it in the post. We realize that you it’s your home/project we are discussing, it’s important to you and it’s important to us.

We want you to call us back, not because you have a leak or the door won’t shut but to recommend us to others.

You won’t find us advertising in local papers, we seem to get most enquires through word of mouth recommendations.


Other ways we can help

One client when having cash flow problems was overwhelmed by the efforts of Neal and the team to get the work up to a point where the re-mortgage came through.

It was tough but we got there said the client.

Many clients were also amazed that Pink B had its own vacuum cleaner on the vans and every day the boys regarded cleaning up as part of the job.

It’s important to know that it must be right, and if there is ever a problem that we will call back and put it right.